Working in Cape Cod

the handiwork of the JBC crew

For about 4 years I lived and worked in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  I absolutely loved it there and had the opportunity to work along side some true masters, and wonderful folks.  I was employed with Johnny Banks Construction- lovingly referred to as the JBC crew by its adherents.  We were mainly contracted by C.H. Newton Builders (, for carpentry projects with more of an emphasis on finish work, though there were quite a few framing and deck jobs in the mix.  I learned so much with my time here.  At first, it was like a totally different world going from working in the South to working on Cape Cod.  The first major difference was the scope and breadth of the jobs we worked on.  In most cases , it seemed to me that cost held little value over quality;  I had never worked on 10,000 square foot houses that used copper flashing everywhere- including windows, doors and shower pans.  The attention to weatherproofing was extremely important, a trait that is so often neglected in the Gulf South (just take a look at the number of exterior doors that rot at the bottom of the frame and/or door due to flashing and/or slope issues).  I also had the chance to work with some great materials that are seldom

built in seat/locker and mahogany patio doors by the JBC Crew

used in Southern construction (I guess due to cost and climate).  I came to appreciate the virtues of cedar shingle siding, or sidewall, as it is called for it’s eye-appeal, weather resistance and it’s truly easy workability.  I also extensively worked with a super hard and dense tropical hardwood called Ipe (pronounced e-pay).   More on Ipe in another other section.


Custom closet by JBC crew


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