About Fine Carpentry


I have been in some way connected to the field of interior design/remodeling for just about all of my life, and certainly all of my adult life. My parents have owned a successful interior design and contracting company since the early 1980s. My mother initiated the business, focusing on interior design residentially. As time went on my father got involved, more on the commercial side of the industry, handling all aspects of hotel interior renovation. I worked in this environment for several years before, during and after my years studying history at Loyola University (B.A. class of 1995).
It was during this time working in so many of the finest hotels in New Orleans (Windsor Court, Royal and Chateau Sonestas, Hilton, Marriot, Intercontinental Hotels, just to name drop) that I really came to love fine work and finish carpentry. Back in those days, quality meant everything… Something that took a little longer, that would cost a little more would outlast a cheaper and faster alternative. That’s what Fine Carpentry is all about- attention to detail and lasting quality.

Eventually I moved to the Gulf Coast in Mississippi and started my own business- Fine Carpentry. Here I focused on interior remodeling, with an emphasis on cabinetry, interior trim, doors, windows, drywall and painting.

I met my eventual wife and moved to Cape Cod in 2011. I was blessed to work for 3 years with some of the greatest carpenters in the world on projects far beyond anything I had ever experienced residentially. I learned so much there, where detail and quality were primary. Here I worked along side Johnny Banks Construction, mainly on projects for C.H. Newton Builders. I cannot stress enough the tremendous education I received working here, where we used the highest quality materials and possessed the workmanship to match.

I am back in the Gulf Coast/ New Orleans area and have brought the knowledge and quality that I learned in New England along with my own natural talents.